Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching up

This is our William boy. He is now 16.5 months old, weighs 25 lbs and is 31 in tall. He has 12 teeth, including 4 molars. He is obsessed with balls, doesn't matter what kind, or if it actually is a ball i.e, apples, oranges you get the point. From the second he wakes up in the morning until bedtime he plays and runs, throws and kicks balls all around the house. He is a good boy(besides the occasional smack he gives his aunts and uncles) and full of laughter. He can run, and he is trying to master feeding himself. He loves to uncover mommy's belly and say hi to the baby, as well as give him/ the belly zerberts(raspberries/bubbas). Anytime he sees a baby he gets super excited so hopefully he will still love babies when he gets one at home in the next 4 weeks! He constantly makes us laugh. He loves all food but would live on fruit and crystal light alone if we let him :) We love this stage and how much he is learning each day amazes us.

nose issues...

I started having nose issues in march and discover there was something up there! So I went to an ENT and he cut it out...3 weeks later it was back and huge! I was given the option of surgery under general anaesthesia(which is frowned upon while pregnant) or wait until after boy #2 arrived. After consulting my OB I opted for the surgery. I had the mass removed on Andy's birthday(poor guy) and am now doing great! They don't know why it grew and grew back but thankfully it is now gone!

this is my normal nostril

This is my not normal nostril the day before surgery. Gross I know!