Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's your vote?

Ok so I know the voting feature has been up for a couple days already, but I wanted to add this. I really appreciate everyone's votes but I want to know who voted for what! So please spill! We go for our "big" ultrasound on Monday August 11th! Vote before it's too late.

Friday, July 18, 2008

what fun...

Last weekend I decided it was probably time to see the dentist after...gasp almost 3 years. In my defense, 18 months of that was the mission! I made an appointment for Thursday, my day off and was nervous about the number of cavities they would find. The weekend passed and Monday night my jaw started to ache a little bit but nothing too terrible. However, Tuesday I was taking painkillers all day just to survive. That night it got so bad that it woke me and I had to put ice on it. Which by the way doesn't help when trying to sleep, although it does help cool off an overheating pregnant body. The next morning I called the dentist and luckily they could see me. I got an x-ray taken and they proceeded to show me the reason I was in so much pain...a big dark spot and a sad looking root. The diagnosis was I needed a ROOT CANAL! Oh the joy! They really took great care of me, numbed me right up and drilled and filed the heck (literally) out of my tooth. The picture above is how I felt, nearly 2 hours with my jaw wrenched open. I am feeling great now though and am so glad that someone is interested in teeth and knowing how to fix them. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

A wedding in Idaho Falls

This weekend we had the opportunity to head up to Idaho Falls and participate in the sealing of one of Andy's mission friends, Briant Giles. I'd met him a few times before and we actually met his now wife at our wedding last year. Neither of us had ever been to Idaho Falls but we really enjoyed our time there. It's such a beautiful little place. With flowers everywhere, I became totally obsessed with the town's hanging plants that were on every corner. So beautiful! The snake river is running right through town and its huge! I was just amazed at another beautiful place we have to enjoy on the earth.
The wedding went perfectly, they were sealed by Elder Groberg who is the temple president there and it was awesome. He said 5 things to do to keep your marriage strong. They are:
  • Daily family prayer
  • Daily family scripture study
  • Full tithe payers
  • Regular temple attendance
  • Supporting each other in callings

They seem simple enough but I definitely don't have them mastered and I imagine it only gets harder as your family expands. :)

You can kind of see the "belly" in this pic! It's coming right along! I like it though, it's an awesome experience. I'm super excited to finally feel the little jellybean move. Just for an update we get to have an ultrasound and find out the gender August 11! We're totally excited.
Weddings are fun, especially temple marriages. It's always great to be reminded of your covenants and how powerful they really are, if we can just be faithful. Andy and I were both reminded of our own special day not quite a year ago.

We love this picture! I'm so grateful for my husband, I couldn't have dreamt up anyone better for me. The Lord definitely knows me and exactly what I need. I love him for so many different reason but here are just a few: for the way he looks in his apron, his giggle, his quick forgiveness when I'm bratty(yes it happens). I'm so grateful for the desires of his heart that are pure and worthy goals. I love that he wants to have a family with me and that he chose me. Honey I lub you!

Flaming Gorge, it's a lake not something else!

I know its been forever since we blogged but, we've been busy doing mostly nothing :) Anyways, so far this summer we have enjoyed a couple of trips up to the lake with Andy's family. It's great because it's only 3 hours away and SO beautiful. I went up there frequently as a child and youth but with the Athens it's a totally new experience! in a great way of course. With them we stay on a boat or camp on King fisher island. They have wave runners and other families come up that have smaller boats we can go out on. Plus the fact that the sun is 50 times stronger there, you can get tan quickly. I love that! We also did henna tattoos this time on the bottom of our feet(in case they didn't work!) Another highlight of the lake is fishing. I love to fish! Andy is the best, he always catches the biggest fish and just of the dock! Here's the proof...
After he caught this 3 1/2 pound rainbow he sent his line out again...well truth be told he was using my pink fishing pole! Anyways, he offered to let me reel in the next fish, of course I agreed. I was excited when not 5 minutes later he called me over from my uno game to get the fish. I was expecting a similar fish to his and here's what I was lucky enough to reel in...

I was so proud! The first small mouth bass I've ever caught. He was approximately 3 inches long! It definitely made us all laugh! And grateful I wasn't responsible for catching our dinner! Other highlight of the trip include my belly deciding it was going to pop. It must be camping that does it to you! Also my mother in law made a new special friend, you'll have to ask if you want to know more! We just had a great time and had a fun 4th of July weekend!