Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday William!

William, you have grown into such a big boy this year. We can't believe you are 2 years old! You are such a joy to have and watch. William you are so funny and loving (in your own way)! We love watching you give pets to baby Adam and tickle him, we're so glad you like him. Your vocabulary is expanding everyday and your sense of humor is really great. Your current obsessions are monster trucks, motorcycles, cars and Mickey Mouse. We love you so much and think you are the stinkin' cutest and best 2 year old anyone could ever ask for. Happy Birthday Bubba! Here's pictures from 1 years old to 2!
1st birthday party, he wasn't feeling great. Can you tell!
This boy can eat!!!

He is obsessed with any kind of ball.

Those red crocs were the only shoes that would fit his fat, wide feet. He wouldn't wear anything else.

This is the first kiss he ever gave to Adam. He is a great big brother.

I'm in love with this picture
He just learned how to make silly faces! Can't believe we actually caought this on camera.
Christmas pictures we got taken! We love you Bubs.