Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just really love this picture. I was just off the plane and home from Tahiti. I love these girls!

Wow! 4 months already.

William is 4 months old as of yesterday and we can hardly believe it! He is growing and changing everyday. He is currently teething, trying desperately to cut his 2 bottom teeth. He also has started holding on to toys and of course, tasting them. He just got an activity center and it's really helping him with his hand-eye coordination. He also loves to squeal, it's not a cry or a laugh, it's a strange inbetweener noise. He has started sleeping through the night! He wakes up once or twice but just needs his bink and then he is out again. We are loving watching him grow and develop and being an integral part of that. We look forward to all that is to come!

This is how a very fair skinned baby plays outside!

He is skinny despite the cereal with fruit we give him twice a day.

He has also just really discovered his feet and he loves them.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. It's totally him, he is such a happy baby.